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Real Estate Investing Online

REIO is very pleased to announce that we are now publishing foreclosure lis pendens, mortgage foreclosure auctions, tax deed auctions, and  bank owned real estate properties both commercial and residential.

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Are you looking for the information to capitalize upon a premium investment opportunity in foreclosure homes? We can help!

We can provide list pendens for Florida and New York. You can contact the property owners and buy or reinstate the mortgage.

Owned by the banks. The banks usually list the properties with a Realtor. Example of foreclosed properties are HUD homes, which are government owned homes.


Written by webmaster

14 April 2012

provides information on upcoming mortgage foreclosure auctions and tax deed sales. Lis pendens is the beginning stage in the foreclosure process, then the property will go up for auction for cash and will sell at about 30-70 percent of the value of the property. 

The third step is when the property is auction off and goes back to the bank it is considered a real estate owned property ( REO ). This properties are usually in need of some work but can be very well worth it. 

Hope this is helpful.

Foreclosure Process

Written by webmaster

08 February 2012

foreclosure in USA











Tax deeds are sold in almost every state throughout the United States. And, the bargains can be unbelievable because you are bidding for the property at tax deed sales.Thousands of dollars could be hidden right around the corner! Every homeowner must pay some sort of real estate tax to the government. If a homeowner fails to pay the required taxes on his or her property, the county will offer the property up for sale at an auction to help generate the lost tax income.

During a tax deed sale, the property is usually sold for the back tax amount plus any fees, interest charges, and court costs. Because property taxes are a small percentage of market value, investors purchasing a tax deed can acquire full property rights at a fraction of the market price.By law, tax deed sales must be announced to the public, and are usually sold to the highest bidder. The winning bidder purchases the deed to a piece of property, becoming the new owner and obtaining all rights to the property – clear of any mortgages, liens, deeds of trust, etc.

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Roney Palace

Written by webmaster

01 February 2012


Roney Palace Condominiums, situated on the warm, pristine beaches of the Atlantic ocean. South Beach is constantly evolving to maintain it's status as " The most Vogue oceanside zip code in the country".

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What is RIF

rentals in floridaHello, welcome to Rentals In Florida Online. "RIF" is an Internet based service that provides information regarding rental properties.

Rentals in miami beach short term and long term furnished or unfurnished we can help. Roney palace rentals, Gansevoort Rentals, Decoplage Rentals, Yacht Club Rentals, Setai Rentals, Muranno Grande.

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Condos For Rent

Written by Administrator

Find your condos in Miami today. Explore the full range of advertising opportunities.


Prices per Night

90 Alton Road # 1703, Miami Beach, Fl 33139
$ 150
2301 Collins Ave#503, Miami Beach, Fl 33139
$ 150

1000 S Pointe Dr # TH-8,Miami Beach, Fl 33139

$ 325

2301 Collins Ave#711, Miami Beach, Fl 33139
$ 220
2301 Collins Ave#308, Miami Beach, Fl 33139
$ 100












For further information or  to place an order, please contact our Support department.

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West palm 33407

Image 1

west palm 33407

90 Alton Road 1703

Image 1

90 Alton Road 1703

5808 Alton Road

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5808 Alton Road In Miami Beach 

8071 Noremac Ave

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8071 Noremac Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33141


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